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RF Test

HBTE has advanced and perfect RF testing laboratory, sincerely providing RF testing services for communication products, wireless equipment, office supplies, smart home, lighting products and other fields.

Key Advantages of RF Test





  • Method customized:Professional engineers come to analyze the actual application scenarios and typical conditions of products, and develop your own "test scheme".

  • Test training:Provide professional training services for test standards, test items, quality system, certification process, etc.

  • Test data analysis:Provide with product test results analysis and reports and help you analyze product testing.

  • Sample confidential:HBTE strictly implements the customer sample and data confidentiality management.

Test Items of RF Test

  • Radiated emission power

  • Radiated emission power

  • Output power dynamic

  • Transmit on / off power

  • Transmission signal quality

  • Harmful emissions

  • Transmitter intermodulation

  • Receiving sensitivity

  • Reference sensitivity level

  • Dynamic range

  • In band selectivity and blocking

  • Out of band suppression

  • Receiver spurious emission

  • Receiver Intermodulation

  • Intra channel selectivity


HBTE for RF, lab evironment soltuion and test service.
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